Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Talk about any field or industry, and there are usually myths attached to them. Myths are hard to ignore – a lot of people actually believe several myths to be true, especially about internship. These misconceptions hinder those looking for internships, and we’re here to bust them.

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

1. Only Top Companies Offer Good Internships

Top companies are more visible, but low-profile companies actually offer you more real work, because they really need the manpower. The name may not mean much on your resume, though, but you can get some good work.

2. Interns Are Just Cheap Labor For Most Companies

All companies value a smart intern’s work and thought input. Interns sometimes offer a fresh, youthful perspective on old processes, which can be welcome. Be serious about your work and you will be taken seriously.

3. Non-Profit Organizations Never Pay Their Interns

Nonprofit organizations work with low budgets, but many of them do offer compensation. Just dig a little harder to find those ones that pay. Most of them are into worthy causes, so you can find compensation one way or the other.

4. Only College Students Can Intern

Internship opportunities are available for college students and also high school students.  Several companies maintain specific career development internship programs for younger people, to help them prepare for their future careers. You just have to dig some.

5. One Should Take Up An Internship Only Their Chosen Career Field

It’s ok to intern in a related field – for example, interning in marketing if you’re into fashion or advertising is perfectly ok. You will still learn useful, valuable skills – just make sure you use your time wisely and learn what you need to learn.

6. An Internship Is A Straight Entry Into The Company

Many companies do hire their top interns, but only if they have open positions handy. Perform extremely well and stay in touch with them and you might be given preference. However, an internship doesn’t automatically mean your future job is secure with the company.

7. The Internship That Pays The Most Is The Best One

Good pay doesn’t always equate with good training, exposure, value or name. Great value can be had at low-paying companies that offer serious work, because those companies need the manpower.

8. Employers Only Hire Interns With Relevant Skills

Employers hire interns in order to train them and to use their services to fill in their low-level manpower needs. If you have good communication, interpersonal, team-building, organization and computer skills, you’re still dead useful. Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs.

9. Interns Never Get Free Time

There will be busy times and there will be slow times. In large corporates and in certain industries such as fashion or advertising, there’ll be lots of social networking, parties and events to attend as well. Definitely chilled.

10. It’s Mostly About Making Coffee

All internships require some amount of grunt work, but many companies hire interns to assist their full-time employees on serious work. Be assertive and ask for responsible work, and show you’re capable. You’re a winner.

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Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Individuals select mindset tasks not only because they are exciting and complicated, but the appropriate tasks can turn out to be some of the most top spending tasks as well. The exciting element of getting tasks with a level in mindset is that it allows you to cope with the public and scientific factors of the individual instinct.

Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Jobs with a Psychology Degree

There are different areas in mindset that you can select to research from, and gradually are dedicated to. The choice is mind-boggling. Having obtained a level in mindset, however, if you are not sure about the type of tasks that you can get, then just adhere to this article for some solutions.

Psychology degree is challenging. Discovering the response to the query – “What pushes us to do we do what we do and why do we do it” cannot be easy. That is what a psycho specialist will do. There is an exciting tale to associate here. At a celebration, a skimpily clothed lady walking in and everyone changes to look at her. The psycho specialist changes to look at everyone else. Of course, that is not all that mindset requires. Psychology career has several divisions and because of the characteristics of the topic, most of the tasks you can get with a mindset level are quite great spending.

High Paying Psychology Jobs

School Counselor/Psychologist
This job has been in need for quite sometime now, what with the society’s change in mind-set to concentrate on the psychological health of learners. The university forums have decided that dealing with the psychological wellness and well-being of the learners beginning on in their higher education student lifestyle will create the learners better people and more flexible and satisfied in later life. The university consultant and psycho specialist does exactly that. Most review of an in-depth fulfillment that they feel because they are assisting fix problems in the community that might have increased later on.

Sports Psychologists
This is one of the best tasks that you can get with a mindset level. Activities specialists will do everything that needs to be done to encourage a sports individual. This will include them assisting the sportsmen to concentrate on their competitors and how to win; how to get over the worry of failing and provide pressure treatments, thereby assisting them to cope with their pressure.

Engineering Psychologists
This brings together the areas of mindset and market. These specialists will mainly execute analysis on how people is capable of doing more effectively with devices. This will include studying about what needs to be done to create the computer more user-friendly, such that it causes less pressure to the sight and less exhaustion overall. So also what should be the highest possible amount of work so that highest possible efficiency is obtained. Thus, for a individual who prefers to research individual actions and has a love for equipment, this is one of the best tasks.

Genetics Counselor
This is a pretty new area in mindset. These specialists mainly help family members understand inherited conditions by offering details to them and assisting them. Since most people and even physicians, do not know about inherited conditions and how it can impact them, these specialists will help them by offering useful details about how genetics can cause inherited conditions. They might also help them find local services that manage these problems.

Animal-Assisted Therapist
AAT (Animal-Assisted Therapist) is a type of treatment that includes making the use of creatures to cure sufferers. This is mainly used for kids who are struggling with autism variety conditions. This treatment is developed to enhance the psychological, physical, intellectual and public performing of the affected person. It also provides inspiration and education and studying. It is done on an individual or even team foundation and includes use of several creatures, such as kitties, pets, whales, parrots, reptiles and bunnies along with other small creatures.

Government Jobs with a Psychology Degree

Teaching is a very fulfilling job and at the same time can be very complicated. To be a mindset instructor at secondary university, one must have a level in mindset. But if it is training scholars that passions you then you will need to go in for a master’s level.

Social Worker
A public employee will execute responsibilities that include examining a individual’s psychological potential and intellectual actions, thus a mindset level becomes a must if one wants to be a public employee. One could execute as a caseworker for kid misuse problems, recovery problems and as well being case employees.

Forensic Psychologists
These forensic specialists implement psychological concepts to legalities. They are often known as to provide situations in judge because they can help figure out the parentage of a kid or evaluate the defendant’s mind-set and figure out if he can take a position for test. They are sometimes qualified in both law and mindset. They also execute analysis on court actions and eyewitness statement. Thus they are an important weblink in fixing certain judge situations.

Research/Experimental Psychologists
These specialists execute analysis at organizations, colleges and non-profit company and several other govt based areas. They execute tests and research the styles of actions in creatures and people so that they can sketch results about problems like attention period, results of medication, studying procedures, genetics, neurology and inspiration.

There you go, these are some of the tasks that you can take up with a mindset level. Choose well and enjoy your job after Psychology Degree.

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Careers With Psychology Degree

Careers with psychology degree

There are several kinds of graduate student applications in mindset, the most typical ones being: trial, developing, public, biopsychology, intellectual, medical, guidance, university, and business mindset (also known as industrial-organizational mindset, or basically “IO”) . These last four (clinical, guidance, university, and IO) are regarded by the United states Emotional Organization (APA) to be the four unique places of used mindset.

Careers With Psychology Degree

Other more particular graduate student applications might be dedicated to activities mindset, mindset and law, or behavior medication. Huge mindset divisions in particular colleges may consist of many of the most typical applications, but most colleges will only have a few of them.

The best resource of details about these various applications is the guide Graduate Research in Psychology released by the United states Emotional Organization. It details, by condition, most of the graduate student mindset applications in this nation. It contains details about entrance requirements, how many learners are approved each season, variety of teachers, and where to get more details and an program.



Grade factor regular is one catalog that many graduate student educational institutions take very seriously. Obviously, the greater your GPA the better your possibilities of getting in. Very aggressive applications may look for GPAs at 3.5 or greater. Less aggressive applications may agree to 3.O or a bit reduced.


GRE’s :
Many graduate student educational institutions will need you to take the Graduate History Examination. That is right! It’s the SATs all over again, but on a a little bit larger scale! The GREs involve three sections: spoken, mathematical (quantitative), and analytic (which actions subjective thinking).


There probably is extensive difference in how graduate student educational institutions respond to your published personal declaration in which you describe yourself and your factors for going to graduate student university. Some might take it quite seriously, others may not pay much interest. Take it easy. Invest a while on it and get ready a well believed out mail. Prevent platitudes like “I’m really enthusiastic about psychology” or, for a guidance or medical system, “I want to perform with individuals.” Would you be implementing for graduate student university if you did not think that way?

If you really want to do it right, TAILOR your mail for each system you implement to. Say something about your qualifications, your achievements, what exactly about mindset passions you, what you strategy to do later on BUT ALSO STATE EXACTLY WHY IT IS YOU ARE APPLYING TO THAT PROGRAM. What is it about the system that draws you? How will it advantage you, and what do you have to provide it? Be as particular as possible. If you are looking for one or more of their staff member’s perform, say so! If you are looking for a particular system, say so! And describe why you are interested!

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Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

So you’ve decided to go to mindset graduate university student university, but now you face a difficult question: What graduate university student university should you choose?

While you may know exactly what you want to analysis and have a specific profession goal, not all mindset graduate university student applications are high quality. For this reason, it is vital that you thoroughly discover a number of factors before you select the graduate university student university in mindset that is right for your needs, passions and objectives.

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

Where Is the School Located?

When you are evaluating different mindset graduate university student educational institutions, properly consider the college’s location. Do you strategy on moving away to be present at graduate university student university, or would you prefer to remain nearer to family and friends? If possible, visit each university, a bit of time traveling both the university and neighborhood. Is it in a non-urban or city area? Think about your own needs and desires and then get ready a list of benefits and drawbacks for each place.

How Much is the Cost of Attendance?

Psychology graduate university student educational institutions differ commonly in terms of educational costs and fees, so it is important to reasonably consider your present financial predicament. Prepare an calculate of annually educational costs and bills for each university you are considering and evaluate it with your benefits, annually income and desire to acquire debt. Do you strategy on taking out university student education loans to pay for university, or are you planning to utilize your present savings? Are there grants or graduate university student assistantships that you could apply for that would help pay for mindset graduate university student university.

What is the Program’s Training Philosophy?

Each mindset graduate university student university has a different approach to teaching and focuses on different factors of mindset in the program. If you strategy on working in universities or analysis after graduating, consider applications that highlight trial methods, emotional concept and analysis encounter. If you want to work straight in individual care, you will want to look for applications that provide training in medical subjects and allow learners to practice skills in real-world situations.

What Kind of Level Does the System Offer?

Carefully consider the amount options of each mindset graduate university student university. Does the division provide a general degree, or can you are experts your place of study? Demand a course collection and look at the kind of programs the division offers. Also check that this method and program satisfies state specifications for qualifications or qualifications in your preferred place.

What Is the School’s Reputation?

First and major, make sure that the mindset graduate university student university you are implementing to is approved. Qualification specifications ensure that this method satisfies a certain quality and that the training and staff can provide sufficient training and education. Do graduate learners of this method seem pleased with their experience? Ask the division for information on where graduate learners of this method found profession and the accessibility to job search assistance.

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School
Careers in Intellectual Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Different areas of Psychology Graduate Study
Getting a Experts Level in Psychology

Choosing a Psychology Graduate School

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