Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Talk about any field or industry, and there are usually myths attached to them. Myths are hard to ignore – a lot of people actually believe several myths to be true, especially about internship. These misconceptions hinder those looking for internships, and we’re here to bust them.

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

1. Only Top Companies Offer Good Internships

Top companies are more visible, but low-profile companies actually offer you more real work, because they really need the manpower. The name may not mean much on your resume, though, but you can get some good work.

2. Interns Are Just Cheap Labor For Most Companies

All companies value a smart intern’s work and thought input. Interns sometimes offer a fresh, youthful perspective on old processes, which can be welcome. Be serious about your work and you will be taken seriously.

3. Non-Profit Organizations Never Pay Their Interns

Nonprofit organizations work with low budgets, but many of them do offer compensation. Just dig a little harder to find those ones that pay. Most of them are into worthy causes, so you can find compensation one way or the other.

4. Only College Students Can Intern

Internship opportunities are available for college students and also high school students.  Several companies maintain specific career development internship programs for younger people, to help them prepare for their future careers. You just have to dig some.

5. One Should Take Up An Internship Only Their Chosen Career Field

It’s ok to intern in a related field – for example, interning in marketing if you’re into fashion or advertising is perfectly ok. You will still learn useful, valuable skills – just make sure you use your time wisely and learn what you need to learn.

6. An Internship Is A Straight Entry Into The Company

Many companies do hire their top interns, but only if they have open positions handy. Perform extremely well and stay in touch with them and you might be given preference. However, an internship doesn’t automatically mean your future job is secure with the company.

7. The Internship That Pays The Most Is The Best One

Good pay doesn’t always equate with good training, exposure, value or name. Great value can be had at low-paying companies that offer serious work, because those companies need the manpower.

8. Employers Only Hire Interns With Relevant Skills

Employers hire interns in order to train them and to use their services to fill in their low-level manpower needs. If you have good communication, interpersonal, team-building, organization and computer skills, you’re still dead useful. Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs.

9. Interns Never Get Free Time

There will be busy times and there will be slow times. In large corporates and in certain industries such as fashion or advertising, there’ll be lots of social networking, parties and events to attend as well. Definitely chilled.

10. It’s Mostly About Making Coffee

All internships require some amount of grunt work, but many companies hire interns to assist their full-time employees on serious work. Be assertive and ask for responsible work, and show you’re capable. You’re a winner.

* Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs


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